Meritage Havanese
                                    of  Southern California

Welcome to Meritage Havanese web site.   We are owners, handlers, and breeders of a wonderful breed of Companion dog.   This site will introduce you to our Dogs, Puppies, Breeding Program and the Havanese Breed.

Our breeding principles are focused on improving the Havanese Breed and thus we will make deliberate breeding decisions to produce puppies in good health with great temperaments.   They will be socialized to all different age groups and other Havanese and cats. 

  1. Bullet We only breed dogs with Health Tested pedigree with results recorded with Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. 

  2. Bullet  All our breeding Dogs are from Championship lines.

  3. Bullet Our Havanese puppies are raised in our home among our family. 

  4. Bullet We do not ship puppies, however arrangements can made for them to be delivered or picked up.  

  5. Bullet We will send each puppy home with a copy of their health record, first series of vaccinations,  microchip, and a personalized puppy book with information on the health and care of your new companion.

Please contact us if you have questions, desire more information, or interested in adopting one of our puppies

Current News:

  1. 1.Ruby and Bruschi’s litter arrived early on 9/16/14.  They are known as the Big Brother 16 Litter


Meritage Havanese                 Temecula, CA         

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Ruby and Bruschi’s -  Big Brother 16 Litter 
as of 11/15 all puppies from this litter have been reserved!