California Dreamin’ Litter - Whelped April 4th, 2011

California Dreamin Litter

Whelped April 4th, 2011

Summer Welcoming her new pups

Angel, Franc, and Diego

(from L - R)

Puppy #1 - male

San Francisco (Franc)

AKA: Dozer

Whelped 1520

8.9 oz

Black w/ white markings

Puppy #2 - female

Los Angeles (Angel)

Whelped 1536

6.7 oz

Black w/ white markings (Angel Kiss on forehead)

Puppy #3 - male

San Diego (Diego)

Whelped 1623

7.3 oz

Black w/ white markings (White Blaze on forehead)

We would like to thank our friend Ann from Havana Silk Dogs By The Bay for her mentorship and assistance with this litter.

Contact us at for information.

Franc has adopted the name “Dozer” since he led the way for his sister and brother,  He mostly reminds us of Frank Gore, Running Back for the San Francisco 49’s, by making the way for Angel and Diego.  His coat is a beautiful silky black with a tremendous sheen, he has stark white markings on all four paws, chest, and a snip on his nose.   He is an attention getter! 

Day 1

Angel fits her name well,  she has become the darling of everyone that meets her.  If we could, we’d place a halo on her head just like the one on the big A for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  Her coat is the same silky sheen black and stark white as Dozer.  She is most recognized by the angel kiss on her forehead,  along with her white chin, white stripe from chest across her abdomen, and paws.

Diego will draw you in with his vibrance and determination.  His white blaze marking is now his Bolt for the San Diego Chargers whose emblem is a lighting bolt.  His coat is same as his brother and sister, black silky sheen with white markings on his nose and chin, chest, abdomen, as well as his paws.   

1 Week Old

Puppy #3 - Diego

12.4 oz

Puppy #2 - Angel

10.8 oz

Puppy #1 - Franc


14.7 oz

California Dreaming has become a literate crew, frequently we find them hanging out forming letters, we have pictures of S, Z, and K.  Just need a few vowels. 

They have done well with their daily neurological stimulation exercises and have gained more control of their heads.

Summer is an attentive mom and is increasing her time away from the pups and playing with our other adult Havana Silk Dogs.  

2 Weeks Old

California Dreaming began sensing their world from a different perspective this week.  Angel and Diego have opened their eyes and began using their legs more to get around by lifting their bellies off the mat.  Franc is right behind them. They have socialized very well and enjoy being held.

Summer continues to spend time away from the puppies and returns to the whelping box to feed and clean them.  She is a great mom and tells us when its time.  She is now even eating back in her kennel as she was before.  Brady, Bruschi and Gabbie are spending more time in the room with the puppies as well.

Puppy #1 - Franc

22.9 oz

Puppy #2 - Angel

16.3 oz

Puppy #3 - Diego

19.0 oz

3 Weeks Old

This week all three pups have their eyes open they are increasing the use of their legs and beginning to spend time playing with each other.   Next week they will begin transitioning to puppy mush.   Their coats are beginning to gain some length and remain silky and soft.  Summer continues to be a very attentive mom tending to her litter and taking time for her self as well.  




4 Weeks

These puppies are a ton of fun, they have the right amount of energy to play hard, but also take time to rest.  They have had much activity this past week.  They all improved in their walking and increased play activity.  They were introduced to puppy mush and are still not quite sure what to do with it.  They recognize voices and wake up when someone comes in the room.  They are doing very well with the pee pad placed in their expanded living space.  The litter has also spent some time in an ex-pen in the family room to introduce them to new environment, sights, sounds, smells.  Our other dogs have been moved back into the nursery for sleeping and rest time.  


38.5 oz


26.8 oz


31.3 oz

CA Dreamin’ actively playing and sampling soft food.

These puppies have a blast playing with each other and their toys, they seem naturally willing to use the pee pad lucky us!  Clip taken May 8th.

5 Weeks

We got so busy this week with Mother’s Day and all, that we did not have time for individual pictures.  They have been progressing very well and we most observed an increase in their play time with each other.  We will have individual pictures up next week for sure.

  Diego    Angle       Franc

6 Weeks

The pups have been having a blast venturing out into the “big room” to play with the other dogs and explore the family room and meeting all sorts of new people.  They are very busy keeping themselves entertained, sleeping, or eating.   It was difficult to contain their energy for these pictures hence the more candid shots.  Summer has increased the time away from her litter and very good about letting them play freely with the other dogs.  They are doing well using their pee pad to take care of business,  but they can not be far from it or else they forget its there...


40.0 oz


33.5 oz


AKA Dozer

49.5 oz

CA Dreamin’

discovering and enjoying the play tunnel

8 Weeks

We got very busy during week 7 and were unable to catch good pictures.  They are very active these days and thus hard to catch good shots of the litter.  They have been spending much time outside their ex-pen playing and having time with the other dogs.  The puppies absolutely love their freedom.  The other dogs frequently can be found up off the floor to stay away from the puppies teeth!!  Summer is doing an outstanding job of weaning them.  Next week they will receive their first series of shots, get their chip, as they get prepared to go to a new home. 

     Angel   Diego   Franc


Wow - what an awesome litter.  They all have developed super personalities and soft silky coats.  They have received their first series of shots and got a “great” bill of health from the vet on their first visit.  They are now eating individually in their own crate.  Next week they will begin spending the night in their as well. 

Although they remain very busy exploring and playing in their environment, they settle right down when being held.  They adapt very well to new environments, have taken several car rides and enjoy playing in their Naner’s back yard.

Franc seems to have the most affectionate personality and is adopting yet another nick name as the “Hugger”.  Angel continues to remain the one with the highest cuteness elements and has developed quite the following of folks that meet her.  And well Diego, just oozes of charm and looks!   

       Angel still known as Angel -  Although we miss her sweet personality and jubilant presence,  we are more excited that she has joined a very nice family with three young girls that will be able grow up with her in their family.

      Franc (aka Hugger) now known as Dozie - is placed with a wonderful family in Napa who are familiar with Silk Dogs and eager to show him Northern California Wine Country.

Video Clip of the puppies playing inside and out!  they love their freedom

       Diego now known as Harley - We miss his charming and spunky personality.   He adjusted very well when meeting his new owners and is joining a family with 3 boys and 3 girls, so there will be no shortage of attention and he will fit right in with them.